Want to contribute?

A short list of guidelines for contributors:

1. Anyone can make comments on existing posts. If you have been added as a contributor, you can also make new posts, which an administrator will then upload. If you wish to contribute a post to this blog and have not been added as a contributor, please email sens@mail.montclair.edu to be added.

2. If you have any concerns or suggestions regarding the handling of this blog, please do not put it in a comment, but email us at sens@mail.montclair.edu instead. This is doubly true if you have any complaints about the posts of another contributor.

3. Please ensure that your posts do not violate the anonymity of others, such as your students or other faculty. In general, we recommend the use of pseudonyms when referring to others, unless they have specifically given you permission to identify them here.

4. Since one of the primary aims of this blog is to share our collective experience and perspectives while facilitating discussion, please do not make posts which simply name a subject or link to an external webpage, but provide some commentary on it to begin the discussion.

5. Just as overly short posts may contribute too little to the ongoing conversation, overly large starting posts may not even spark a discussion. We recommend keeping original posts to 1500 words or less.

6. If you are referencing another webpage, especially one which you are referring to in large part (e.g. bringing up a scholarly article at The Chronicle of Higher Education to provoke discussion), please do not simply copy the text into your post but provide a link to it instead.

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