Meet Our Colleague: Trina O’Gorman

By Christa Verem

It’s my pleasure to introduce Trina O’Gorman, whom I’ve had the the privilege of seeing in action both in the classroom and the pick-up line at our kids’ elementary school. In this profile, Trina shares her love of travel and a testament to the power of journaling.


Trina O'Gorman

How did you get started teaching?

Teaching was not my first career. My decision to teach came later in life. I returned to college in my early 30s to earn my MAT in Teaching Secondary English, a decision that had more to do with a desire to connect to and do something for others or generativity, rather than a desire to “teach English” or a love for a particular content area. I love people and the power of writing.

What do you appreciate about teaching?

I appreciate the opportunity to share my experiences with my students and to empower them by helping them understand the process of writing, which I think is largely about understanding their own thinking and values and the thinking and values of others. And I learn so much from my students. I think teaching is such an amazing opportunity to affect positive change, but also to honor our humanity. Continue reading