FYW Newsletter (March 2019)

FYW Newsletter


FYW Sandbox Module: Lectures & Scholarly Resources–Critical lenses, Drafting, MLA & Fair Use


Dates & Deadlines

Dept. Meetings

  • March 6 @ 2:30 p.m. / SBUS 015
  • April 3 @ 2:30 p.m./ Schmitt 104
  • May 1 @ 2:30 p.m./ Location TBA


  • President’s Address to the University Community/ April 24 @ 3 p.m.  

Professional Development

  • Emotional support for students / Our colleagues from Counseling and Psychological Services & Disability Resource Center

Thursday, March 28 / 1:00-2:15 / Schmitt 104

  • What can ESL / L2 learners teach us about good pedagogy?

           Jamie Dritt / Wednesday, April 3 / 11:30-12:45/ Schmitt 104

  • Book Club / Bad Ideas About Writing / Listserv discussion prompts

          Wednesday, March 20 / online

          Tuesday, April 2 / online

Live Lit

  • Thursday Feb. 28, 4 pm, Segal Gallery: Lee Matthew Goldberg and Nathan Rodriguez, Fiction (Nathan is a 2013 MSU grad!)
  • Monday March 4, 4 pm, UN 1020: Boris Tsessarsky, paulA neves, and Ross Williams, Film– Featuring work from The Sonnet Project
  • Wednesday March 20, 1pm, Segal Gallery: Michael Mendonez and Henry Margenau, Fiction
  • Tuesday March 26, 1pm, Kasser Lobby: Sarah Ghoshal and Johnny Lorenz, Poetry
  • Tuesday April 2, 2:30pm, Segal Gallery: Nicole Cooley, Poetry, and Huey Alcaro, Fiction
  • Wednesday April 10, 4 pm, Kasser Lobby: Kathy Curto and Maria Giura, Memoir
  • Thursday May 2, 5 pm, SC 251: Jayne Anne Phillips, Fiction (co-sponsored by the Creative Writing Program)

Important Dates

  • March 11 – 17 Spring Recess (no classes)
  • April 19 – 21 Easter Holiday (no classes)
  • Tues. May 7—Last day of classes–designated as a Friday (no Tues. classes)
  • Wed. May 8—Reading day (no class/ no finals)
  • Wed. May 15—Semester ends
  • Mon. May 20—Grades due by 9 a.m.



The Book Club’s selection can be found here.


Writing Workshop is open!

Location: Schmitt 132/ Phone Number:  X3535

Schedule Website: https://montclairstate.mywconline.com/


Registering for WC Online (Workshop Schedule)

  1.      Go to: https://montclairstate.mywconline.com
  2.      Click: “First visit? Register for an account.”
  3.      Fill out ALL items with a red star. For Student ID, please use your CWID.
  4.    Add your cell phone number, if you know you need reminders.
  5.      Leave all email options marked as “YES.”
  6.      Click “Register.”


Add a link to the Workshop in your Canvas courses

In your Canvas class, choose “Settings” from the left side menu. Under the Apps tab search for “Redirect” and click the blue “Add App.” A box will open and you can add “College Writing Workshop” and the URL of the schedule for WC Online. Make sure to select the first two options: open in a new tab and show in the course navigation.



Publications, Performances & Events

Have a contribution–committee meeting, personal announcement, requests for future installments?  Email csverem@gmail.com by March 15 to be included in the April issue.

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