Joe Harris, Workshops, Sept 2012

Hey, everyone,

This is kind of a cheater post, since I am forwarding old rather than new work.

But . . . last fall, Jess Restaino invited me to come up to MSU to work with teachers at MSU. I remember my visit very fondly—not least because, after the workshop, Jess, Caroline Dadas, and I went to see The Boss in the Meadowlands. Cathartic. Inspiring.

But, to retreat to the mundane, I am attaching here the slides from the two workshops I offered last fall, in the hope that they might spark some memories, reflections, questions, counter-arguments, tirades, polemics, whatever. I look forward to hearing from you!

Accidental Writing Teacher

Teaching a Metalanguage


One thought on “Joe Harris, Workshops, Sept 2012

  1. Hey, Joe. I attended your workshop on the Accidental Writing Teacher and thoroughly enjoyed it. I just wanted to pop in between classes to say thanks for the post. I’ll check out the slides and hopefully post later (maybe much later, depending on how many papers I get through today!) with some thoughts on the subject.


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